DAE/NCAE/NEA Endorsements Are In

Before you go any further, please do the following 2 things:

  1. Check out our Schools Vote Together event on Facebook and share it with everyone that you know.  We are working hard to turn out as many students, parents, and educators for an early vote event on November 5th.  It will be lots of fun, help us build stronger community, and demonstrate the POWER that we can wield if we get organized.
  2. Go to the new Durham Association of Educators Facebook page and “Like” it.  You can also join our discussion group here, but make sure that you “Like” our page too.

We’ve been getting lots of questions about the endorsements that the Durham Association of Educators, the North Carolina Association of Educators, and the National Education Association have made for the upcoming elections.  We are proud to share those endorsements here, but we need to make a quick caveat before we share:

It is not legal in the state of North Carolina to use any school resources/time/materials to advocate for the election of a particular candidate or party.  Because of that, we are not discussing our endorsements with educators in buildings (though members of DAE/NCAE/NEA can talk to any other members about our endorsements anywhere they want–maybe that’s a good reason to join).  But this link can be shared with anyone you’d like to share it with as long as you aren’t using school time or resources.

That said, please check out the following endorsements and share them in ways that follow the laws I have discussed above.  Thanks y’all.  Let’s win.

National Offices

  • President of the United States–> Hillary Clinton
  • U.S. Senator–> Deborah Ross
  • U.S. House of Representatives
    • GK Butterfield
    • David Price

State Offices

  • Governor–> Roy Cooper
  • Lt. Governor–> Linda Coleman
  • Attorney General–>Josh Stein
  • Superintendent of Public Schools–> June Atkinson
  • State Treasurer–> Dan Blue III
  • Secretary of State–> Elaine Marshall
  • Insurance Commissionerà–>Wayne Goodwin
  • State Auditor–> Beth Wood
  • Commissioner of Labor–> Charles Meeker
  • North Carolina Supreme Court–>Mike Morgan
  • North Carolina Court of Appeals
    • Linda Stephens
    • Vince Rozier
    • Robert Hunter Jr.
    • Rickye McKoy-Mitchell
    • Margaret Eagles
  • North Carolina Senate
    • Floyd McKissick (Senate District 20)
    • Mike Woodard (Senate District 22)
  • North Carolina House
    • Larry Hall (House District 29)
    • Paul Luebke (House District 30)
    • Mickey Michaux (House District 31)
    • Graig Meyer (House District 50)



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