School Board Elections–Get Involved!!!

We’ve been getting lots of questions about the DAE endorsement process for the upcoming Durham Board of Education elections.  Please check out the information below and get involved!!!


  1. Please check out the questionnaires that the following candidates have sent in and the corresponding races that they are running for.
  1. Plan to join us THIS SATURDAY (March 10) from 11 to 3 at the Hillside New Tech presentation lab to participate in candidate interviews and discussions. In order to participate, you have to be:
    • A dues paying member of DAE/NCAE/NEA. You can join online now (and get $50 as part of our ongoing membership drive) or at the door if you aren’t already.
    • A member of the Political Action Committee. Some members contribute to this every month (a $58.80 monthly deduction rather than $53.80).  Others will need to pay a minimum of $5 at the door.  If you are not a member, and a member of the PAC, we cannot legally allow you to participate.
  2. Join us at the Tuesday, March 13 Membership Meeting from 5 to 7 at SDC to discuss:
  • Which candidates the PAC endorsed
  • How we plan to educate our co-workers about the candidates (we can’t use candidate-specific materials in the buildings, but we will be putting together side-by-side comparison charts that are legal to distribute and discuss)
  • Plans for mobilizing students, parents, educators, and community supporters to march the polls In This Together on May 5.
  • ***BONUS*** You’ll also get to hear from custodial leaders and we’ll be skyping in some educator leaders from West Virginia’s recent strike effort.


If you are planning to come to New Tech on Saturday, please note that you should enter Hillside at the New Tech entrance (turn right as soon as you turn onto campus from Fayetteville St and follow that wing down until the end—the New Tech door is the last before you have to turn the corner and go behind the building).  If you cannot make it, but want to weigh in, please take some time to read the questionnaires and send me an email with your thoughts at  I will be glad to share them with the team that is there and voting.


There is not a more important endorsement for the School Board than the one that comes from educators.  Engaging in politics is how we get the power that we need to win the schools that our students deserve.  No one is coming to save us y’all.  Let’s be In This Together.


Thanks team.  I hope to see you soon.


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