Bull City May 16: Everything You Need to Know

Thank you Bull City.  Thank you to the DPS administration and Board of Education.  Thank you for all of the parents and supporters that stood with us.  Thank you for all of our students who had our backs.

And thank you to the over 1020 of you who stepped out to lead by taking your personal days.  We know that so many more of you, who didn’t have any left or don’t earn them, were spreading the word and standing ready to support in whatever ways you could.  Thank you.  Now, everybody gets to participate, and we need everyone headed to Raleigh.  Y’all were willing to lead, the School Board stood with us, and the rest of the state, as I hope you’ve seen, is following.  Chapel Hill/Carrboro followed us out on Thursday night, Charlotte-Mecklenburg followed, Mooresville Graded School District just announced, and we expect more to join us this week.

We have so much power when we stand together.


There are a million things to share, so I’m going to jump right in.  First, upcoming dates:

  • Tuesday, May 8–> DAE monthly meeting from 5-7 at the Staff Development Center. WE NEED AT LEAST ONE PERSON FROM EVERY BUILDING IN DPS TO PLAN FOR 5/16.  Please be there to get your building connected.  The meeting is open to all (members and not-yet-members), and childcare and food will be provided.  Please RSVP here so that we know who to expect.
  • Thursday, May 9–> Community meeting to build supports for our students on 5/16 from 6 to 7:30 at First Calvary Baptist Church (1311 Morehead Ave.). Please eat before or plan to eat after, as there will be no food allowed in the sanctuary.  This meeting is for any/all community organizations, faith communities, or individuals interested in providing support for our students on 5/16.  Organizations, communities, and individuals can also click here to offer resources or support.
  • Wednesday, May 16–> All out for Raleigh. Details below.  Bring everybody you know.   Click here (even if you don’t need transportation) and here (it’s quick, I promise) to let us know that you’re coming.
  • Saturday, May 19–> In This Together Dance Party and Celebration at the Vault from 9 to 1. Click here for more information.



Here’s what we’ve got.  Please share broadly in your buildings:


Information Sharing

Please click here for a flyer in English and Spanish that can be shared with co-workers and parents


Letting us know you’re coming


Schedule for the day


Travel to Raleigh

  • Parking will be a very real challenge, so if you are interested in riding on a bus or in a van, please click here. Hillside and Riverside will be used as staging areas, and we’re encouraging people to meet there and carpool too.  Everyone will be pulling out at 8:30.
  • School communities are encouraged to make their own plans for all not riding on buses or vans, and all are encouraged to buddy up, ride together, and leave early, as there will be thousands of people from around the state headed to Raleigh together.


Student/Family/Community Support

  • For all who want to offer to feed, provide childcare/enrichment activities, etc. on May 15 or May 16, please click on this link.
  • The district has released a list of sites that will be used to provide food for students on May 16. ANY student, whether they are registered for free lunch or not, is allowed to utilize this resource.  Please click here for more details.
  • For all who want the big picture and hope to help mobilize resources, please join the community meeting at First Calvary from 6 to 7:30 on Thursday, May 10.



We are working on raising funds for:

  • Travel/logistics support for the work
  • Food and support for our students on 5/16

Please click here to offer your support.


Leave Days

Lots of people have been asking about how leave will be handled, since the district has called it an optional work day.  Please talk with your bookkeepers to land at a system that works at your building.


Bus Drivers

We are aware that these actions will result in the loss of a day’s wages for the system’s bus drivers.  We are working to find some creative ways to show solidarity and support.  Please connect with drivers that bring your students to you and make sure they know we’re In This Together to increase their salaries and get them more resources as well.


Membership is Power

Last, but certainly not least, it feels important to note that over 1000 classroom teachers made the choice to sacrifice a hard-earned day of leave and risk losing $50 to make this commitment.  That said, the dues for joining NCAE are only $53.80 (for certified staff) and $29 (for classified staff) between now and September.  Join today.  Our union makes us strong.  Join online with this link or email me at dae4ourstudents@gmail.com to get a paper form.


This is such an amazing moment to be an educator in North Carolina.  Thanks for your leadership Bull City.  Let’s make it happen for our students and each other.


In This Together,


Durham Association of Educators

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