DAE Statement Opposing HB 370

Durham Association of Educators Statement Opposing HB 370

The Durham Association of Educators issue this statement in opposition to HB 370 (Require Sheriff collaboration with ICE) and urge all our elected officials including Governor Cooper to stand against hate and with our immigrant students and community to stop this bill.

As educators, we know how detrimental it is to our students, their families, and our community when Immigration and Customs Enforcement is present in our community or works with local law enforcement agencies to target our students and families. Our students are an asset to our schools and communities, and it is our job to ensure they can successfully learn and grow. They deserve the right to an education and deserve to feel safe and supported inside and outside of our classrooms and schools.

As educators, we have seen how ICE presence in our communities has harmed our students, causing far-reaching impacts in our school communities including declines in school attendance, increase in school drop-out rates, decrease in parental involvement, mental and physical health impacts such as PTSD, and behavioral changes such as loss in concentration, increased anxiety, and feelings of isolation and dissociation in our students.

HB 370 is unjust and would have injurious effects on our students. The Durham Association of Educators strongly opposes HB 370 and stands with our immigrant families. We urge our elected officials to speak out against this bill and ask Governor Cooper to use his power to stand with teachers, stand up for the rights of our students and veto this bill.


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