What is the Durham Association of Educators?

The Durham Association of Educators (DAE) is a local affiliate of the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) and the National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers’ union in the country.  We are a member-led organization of educators and our allies that is committed to leading the fight to defend and transform public schools so that each and every young person can achieve their full potential and live happy and healthy lives.  We believe that educators, in alliance with parents, students, and community allies, have the knowledge, skills, and power to build the schools and communities that ALL Durham residents deserve.

What do we do?

DAE’s work for the coming year will be led by the following committees:

  • Taking Back Professional Development—> We believe that educators are the experts in our schools, and the best way to improve our craft is by learning from each other. Over the course of the year, we will host workshops and discussions on a variety of social justice issues to help educators improve our ability to better understand and support each other, our students, their parents, and our communities.  The first semester’s sessions will focus on the ways that race, class, gender,  and LGBTQ issues operate in our classrooms.
  • Health and Wellness—> Educators have the most difficult job on the planet, and it can take a toll. In order to build more healthy, sustainable, and fun school communities, we need more resources that focus on our mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.  In the first semester, we’ll be offering yoga and stress management classes in addition to hosting a day-long intramural basketball tournament where educators can have some fun, compete, and build support for our schools.
  • Membership—> The key to any strong organization is an active membership. During the first semester, the membership committee will be focused on two main tasks.  The first will be calling, emailing, and visiting with our members.  We will be updating your contact information, learning more about who you are and what talents/skills/energy you have to offer, and finding out what kinds of support you need.  The other part of our work will be community-building events, from cookouts to happy hours to membership dinners.  The first semester’s membership dinners will be open to all Beginning Teachers so that we can help each other build a network of support.
  • Organizing—> If we’re going to win the schools we ALL deserve, we have to be well organized. The opponents of public schools have lots of money and strong institutions.  Our strength is each other and our ability to mobilize, vote, and take action together.  The organizing team will be helping us to get educators engaged in our buildings, in the streets, and at the ballot box.

How can you get involved? 

To join the organization or get involved in one of the committees, please contact Bryan Proffitt at dae4ourstudents@gmail.com or (919) 210-9256.  We can also be found online at http://www.daenc.com or at Facebook (Durham Association of Educators), Twitter (@DurhamEducators), or Instagram (durhameducators).

You can also join now online by clicking here.

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