Who can join?

Voting membership is open to all educators, support staff, and administrators within Durham Public Schools. Dues-paying members receive a variety of financial benefits, professional development, opportunities to improve their health and wellness, a supportive community, and an organization that will fight to win in Durham and beyond.

How can staff get involved? 

Support DAE by becoming a Community Ally!

Being a Community Ally is a great way for public school parents and advocates to support our work and mission. Anyone who is not a public school employee can join as a DAE Community Ally. School workers eligible for full membership in DAE, NCAE, and NEA are not eligible to sign up as community allies. 


What does it mean to be a DAE “Community Ally”? 

  • Your entire contribution supports our local work here in Durham. To also support NCAE, our state affiliate as an ally, click here.
    • Community ally contributions are not used for political action work.
  • We are a member-driven organization of educators.  Community Allies are not voting members of DAE, NCAE, or the NEA, and do not have the right to vote in our elections or decision making processes.  
  • Your contributions as a community ally are not tax deductible. You can choose how and how much to contribute. 
  • You are a key partner in our work. We value your time, energy, and hustle in advocating and organizing as we fight together to win the learning and working conditions our students and staff deserve. 

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