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Update 6/1/2020:


Find some Anti-Racist Resources here and check back often for more!

If you didn’t join us for the Town Hall last week, you can still watch the event here!

survey graphicWe want to gather data on our collective priorities as we develop plans to get through this pandemic TOGETHER. So, we need all Durham students, educators, families, and community members to take a few minutes and fill out this survey.

English: bit.ly/DAECovidSurvey

Español: bit.ly/DAECovidEncuesta

Update 4/20/2020:

A whole lotta things!

Internal Elections

The candidates for NCAE Leadership endorsed by Durham Association of Educators WON! Congratulations to Tamika Walker Kelly and Bryan Proffitt. More congratulations to Turquoise LeJeune Parker who was elected to serve as our National Education Association Director!

Shout out to all of our Durham Association of Educator members who were elected as delegates to the National Association of Education Representative Assembly:

  • Bryan Proffitt
  • Turquoise LeJeune Parker
  • Michelle Burton
  • Symone Kiddoo
  • Kristy Moore

For your Executive Board – you all have elected the following members to serve YOU!

  • Vice President – Turquoise LeJeune Parker
  • Secretary – Nicholas Graber-Grace
  • High School Director – Lisa McCool-Grime
  • Elementary Director (1 of 2) – Lisa Gerardi
  • ESP Director – Deborrah Bailey
  • Member At Large – Carlos Perez

The best announcement of all… WE HAD 59% OF OUR ELIGIBLE MEMBERS CAST A VOTE! Y’all. This is amazing!!! All due to your hard work of engaging your co-workers in this important democratic process for our union!

Mass Meeting

We will hold our Monthly Mass Meeting virtually on Tuesday, April 21st from 5 – 7pm. Michelle will send out an email with the zoom link and Lisa McCool-Grime has already sent the zoom link to building liaisons. If you have not received the link, please check in with your District Organizer. We will not post the zoom link on social media or on the website for safety reasons 🙂 you know, those pesky zoombombers.

Mass Meeting (2).png

Update 3/19/2020:

Trying to stay up to date with the Covid Craziness? Visit our Covid-19 page for updates and resources. Have information to share? Email Symone Kiddoo at kiddoosm@gmail.com

Update 3/17/2020:

hi my fellow quarantinees.

I hope you are all taking all the precautions necessary to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.  This is a difficult time for everyone from food insecurity, job insecurity, health insecurity, and anxiety about the virus.

The last communication received about days this week from the district (things are constantly in flux):

3/16 – 3/18:

  • All certified staff: may come in to work; take leave; or work from home. If working from home, please alert your supervisor like you normally would for an absence (email, text, etc.) Complete “time recording for remote working” form if not physically at school.
  • All classified staff (except IAs): treat this day as you would during your spring break. You may work or take leave. You may work from home if your supervisor approves this, and has a documented need for work. You must send an email request and receive an email confirmation back from your supervisor in order to work from home. This must be done on a daily basis. Complete “time recording for remote working” form if approved for working remotely. Instructional assistants (95%) are paid on a separate pay schedule that accounts for all workdays. They do NOT have to designate leave, because workdays are already accounted for in their pay schedule

3/19 & 3/20: Annual Leave

  • 10-month certified staff: Annual leave day deducted as it normally would during spring break. Certain annual leave days are built into the calendar. No work from home option. Take a break and practice self-care.
  • 10-month classified staff:  Annual leave day deducted as it normally would during spring break. Annual leave days are built into the calendar.
  • 11 or 12-month classified or certified staff: may either report to work; take leave; or work from home if your supervisor approves this, and has a documented need for work. You must send an email request and receive an email confirmation back from your supervisor in order to work from home. This must be done on a daily basis. Complete “time recording for remote working” form if approved for working remotely. 

We know there are a lot of questions about food for students, work requirements, and how to support our communities. Organize 2020 is hosting a daily statewide call for, at least, the remainder of this week at 5pm. If you would like to participate, you can register here. They will share out their Shared Resources folder with links for kids and educators.

Please keep an eye out for an email from Michelle Burton regarding food for kids! We are also working on a page to host links to the resources in Durham soon.

In the meantime, be good to each other and be good to yourself.

Update 3/10/2020:

meeting day!

march Mass Meeteing (1).png

Our monthly mass meeting is TONIGHT from 5 – 6:30. We will be working on our organizing plan to make sure people are ready to vote! If you’re like me and need to have all of your materials ready with extra #2 pencils, you can find a copy of the Internal NCAE Elections Workplan HERE or in Organizing Materials.

Update 3/9/2020:

hi all!

I hope everyone is well-rested after Primary week. Sad to see election work go? Well fret not my dears, internal elections are just around the corner! A room full of you beautiful people sat (or stood) in a room together in February, listened to candidates for NCAE positions, asked thoughtful questions, and decided to endorse Tamika Walker Kelly for NCAE President and Bryan Proffitt for NCAE Vice President. This was meaningful and important labor but just as meaningful is putting work behind those endorsements.

Our Mass Meeting (tomorrow!) will have time dedicated to setting your organizing plan to make sure people are able to vote and ready to vote for our endorsed candidates!

march Mass Meeteing (1).png

We are also holding a Classified Staff Mass Meeting (classified staff are still welcome to the mass meeting on the 10th as well, this is just a special one, just for y’all) on March 28th from 10:00 – 12:00. In order to better serve our classified staff, we are having a classified DAE meeting every other month to keep our classified members informed and to hear their issues and concerns that greatly impact them. Location coming soon!

Durham Association of Educators Classified Staff Meeting.png

Lastly, the Race, Power, & Our School Board Endorsements Workshop has been rescheduled for March 17th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Location TBD. If you have questions about the workshop, you are welcome to reach out to Michelle Burton directly at unionstrong@daenc.com or  919-283-9071

RSVP for the workshop at: bit.ly/DAEsbe2020

Update 3/3/2020:

Image result for voting memes


Update 2/13/2020:

hi friends!

We had an amazing member meeting on Tuesday!

image0 (1).jpeg

If you missed it, fret not! Here is the link to the one-pager on our Internal Election Endorsement – NCAE President and NCAE Vice President! And here it is in Spanish 🙂 Hype about the leadership of our statewide union? Find out more here! 

Here is the information on how to get connected to our External Election Endorsed Candidates for County Commission and School Board. Trying to remember who they are? Find it here in English and here in Spanish!

What is the Durham Association of Educators?

The Durham Association of Educators (DAE) is a local affiliate of the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) and the National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers’ union in the country.  We are a member-led organization of educators and allies, committed to leading the fight to defend and transform public schools so that every young person can achieve their full potential and live happy and healthy lives.  We believe that educators, in collaboration with parents, students, and community allies, have the knowledge, skills, and power to build the schools and communities that ALL Durham residents deserve.

What do we do?

DAE is committed to developing worker leadership within Durham Public Schools, organizing our school buildings and communities, and winning the schools that our students, parents, and educators deserve.

Our Culture

  • Students at the Center
    • We believe in our students and their ability to be happy and healthy, to achieve their fullest potential, and to transform the world.  Their learning conditions are our working condition,  and our futures are inseparable. Our work centers their lives.
  • A Commitment to Racial and Social Justice
    • Educators have a special responsibility to understand, and intentionally work to undermine, racism and other forms of injustice in our curricula, our classroom cultures, and our relationships with our students, our parents, and each other.  Our collective future depends on it.  
  • Leadership
    • Educators, organizing alongside our students and their parents, are the most potentially powerful force in the state of North Carolina.  We accept the responsibility of rank and file educators to lead, and constantly develop and support new leaders, in a movement that unites the majority of the people in this state and wins the schools and communities our students deserve.
  • Collective Care
    • We are in this together and none of us will get what we need or deserve by acting alone.  We are committed to caring for, and supporting one another, as a union family, through good times and challenges.  
  • We Fight to Win
    • We believe that change happens when people act together in strategic ways, build broad alliances, critically reflect on their successes and the challenges of their work, and contend for power in a variety of ways.  For our students, our co-workers, and ourselves, we take our work seriously and look to be as effective as possible.  
  • Celebration
    • We do the most difficult job on the planet and it is hard to sustain ourselves amidst our challenges.  We are committed to a culture that consistently recognizes and celebrates victories, big or small, and rejects hopelessness and fear.  

How can you get involved? 

To join the organization, please contact Bryan Proffitt at dae4ourstudents@gmail.com or (919) 210-9256.  You can also follow us on Facebook (Durham Association of Educators), Twitter (@DurhamEducators), or Instagram (@durhameducators).

You can also join now online by clicking here.

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