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Update 10/14/2019:

Have you had a chance to link up with the parking lot posse, led by the amazing James Finnegan? If you’re interested, be sure to email James at jamespfinnegan3@gmail.com!

This week, they’re hitting up two schools to talk about membership, voting, and Durham for All’s Power to the Polls!

What is Power to the Polls, you ask?? It is a beautiful event put on by Durham for All that celebrates our collective power at the ballot box. There will be rousing speakers, delicious biscuits, music you should dance to, and 100’s of the coolest people in Durham all marching down to the early voting site to vote together! Live outside the city limits? That’s okay, come anyway! Don’t know who to vote for? Check out the graphic below! Want to bring your kids? Great! There is childcare for the program portion of the event and kids are welcome to dance alongside you during the march! Want to bring a co-worker? Great! Bring all your co-workers, your mom, your mom’s hairdresser, and the woman who sold you that pair of sparkly purple boots 8 years ago on craigslist! Bring all the people!


the Durham Association of Educators (2)

Update 10/4/2019:

TODAY! TODAY! TODAY IS VICTORY FRIDAY! Come out to Carolina Ale House today from 4 – 6:30 and join us for free food and the best conversation.


TUESDAY! TUESDAY! TUESDAY IS PRIMARY VOTING DAY! If you haven’t voted yet, be sure to hit up your assigned polling place on October 8th! Want to know who DAE endorsed? Durham Association of Educators is also endorsing the $95 million Affordable Housing Bond. Questions about the housing bond?  Note: Steve Schewel and the Affordable Housing Bond will not appear on your ballot in October but they will appear on your ballot in November!

the Durham Association of Educators

THURSDAY! THURSDAY! THURSDAY IS MASS MEETING DAY! Come out to the Staff Development Center on Thursday from 5 – 7 for free organizing skill development and SSTAC conversation.  

don’t give up ❤

Update 8/17/2019:

Our members have been busy this week! Members attended the DAE PAC meeting on Wednesday and voted to endorse Steve Schewel for mayor and Jillian Johnson, Javiera Caballero, and Charlie Reece for City Council. You can read more about the endorsement and process of the PAC here.


the Durham Association of Educators

Members were also repping at New Teacher Orientation at Hillside on Thursday and Friday to bring new teachers (both to the profession and to Durham) into our union family!


Update 8/8/2019:

Summer training sessions were beautiful and moving! Now, as we gear up for the 2019-2020 School Year (and some of us are already back in our buildings!!) we have the chance to make plans together! Join us on August 9th or August 10th for Hit the Ground Running Trainings from 9am – 5pm. Friday we will meet at Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary and Saturday we will meet at E.K Powe Elementary. Food and childcare are provided. RSVP here!


What is the Durham Association of Educators?

The Durham Association of Educators (DAE) is a local affiliate of the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) and the National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers’ union in the country.  We are a member-led organization of educators and allies, committed to leading the fight to defend and transform public schools so that every young person can achieve their full potential and live happy and healthy lives.  We believe that educators, in collaboration with parents, students, and community allies, have the knowledge, skills, and power to build the schools and communities that ALL Durham residents deserve.

What do we do?

DAE is committed to developing worker leadership within Durham Public Schools, organizing our school buildings and communities, and winning the schools that our students, parents, and educators deserve.

Our Culture

  • Students at the Center
    • We believe in our students and their ability to be happy and healthy, to achieve their fullest potential, and to transform the world.  Their learning conditions are our working condition,  and our futures are inseparable. Our work centers their lives.
  • A Commitment to Racial and Social Justice
    • Educators have a special responsibility to understand, and intentionally work to undermine, racism and other forms of injustice in our curricula, our classroom cultures, and our relationships with our students, our parents, and each other.  Our collective future depends on it.  
  • Leadership
    • Educators, organizing alongside our students and their parents, are the most potentially powerful force in the state of North Carolina.  We accept the responsibility of rank and file educators to lead, and constantly develop and support new leaders, in a movement that unites the majority of the people in this state and wins the schools and communities our students deserve.
  • Collective Care
    • We are in this together and none of us will get what we need or deserve by acting alone.  We are committed to caring for, and supporting one another, as a union family, through good times and challenges.  
  • We Fight to Win
    • We believe that change happens when people act together in strategic ways, build broad alliances, critically reflect on their successes and the challenges of their work, and contend for power in a variety of ways.  For our students, our co-workers, and ourselves, we take our work seriously and look to be as effective as possible.  
  • Celebration
    • We do the most difficult job on the planet and it is hard to sustain ourselves amidst our challenges.  We are committed to a culture that consistently recognizes and celebrates victories, big or small, and rejects hopelessness and fear.  

How can you get involved? 

To join the organization, please contact Bryan Proffitt at dae4ourstudents@gmail.com or (919) 210-9256.  You can also follow us on Facebook (Durham Association of Educators), Twitter (@DurhamEducators), or Instagram (@durhameducators).

You can also join now online by clicking here.

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