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Update 7/16/2019:

Our summer training sessions kicked off last week with the first 2-Day training. Public school workers and supporters gathered at Club Boulevard to learn more about organizing, leadership, and political power. Differentiated sessions are also available for organizers who have been to the summer training before! There is one more 2-Day training on July 27 & 28th at E.K Powe Elementary from 9am to 5pm. Food & Childcare will be provided. Sign up here!


We had schools all over the district represented from Y.E Smith to School for Creative Studies to Forest View Elementary.


There is one more 2-Day training on July 27 & 28th at E.K Powe Elementary from 9am to 5pm. Food & Childcare will be provided. Sign up here!

Update 6/7/2019:

Amazing beautiful things happening with lovers of public schools around Durham:

  • Black Lives Matter at School: A crew of educators led by Turquoise Lejeune Parker supported the passing of the Durham Public Schools Board of Education Resolution for the Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action (again led by DAE and Turquoise Lejeune Parker) for the 2019-2020 school year. Check out the video here.
  • EOY Party: Our final Victory Friday of the year is TODAY! Carolina Ale House (near Target) from 4 – 6!Durham Association of Educators (4)
  • DPS Budget: Durham County Commissioners will discuss an Education heavy budget on Monday, June 10 and then vote on Monday, June 24th. Wear your red and celebrate a strong budget!


  • BT Support Next Year: In the upcoming school year, the Durham Association of Educators is committed to expanding on the professional development and coaching offered to Beginning Teachers in the district by building a network of mutual support across the county. To do that, we need data. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey, whether or not you plan to participate in the network we are building, and whether or not you are still a BT.  

Update 5/28/2019:

We’re so close to the end of the year! There are a couple of things to mark on your calendar as we move into the summer [all of these events can be found on our DAE Google Calendar – Upcoming Events–> Calendar (to add this to your own google calendar, click the “+” at the bottom of the calendar)]:

  • Thursday, June 6th Join DAE at the school board meeting at the Fuller Building at 4:00 to celebrate the passage of a resolution in support of district participating in the Black Lives Matter Week of Action next February

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  • Friday, June 7th DAE End of the Year Celebration from 4 to 6:30 (save the date/time and details will be forthcoming)
  • Monday, June 10th Join DAE at the county commissioner meeting (200 E Main St.) at 6:15 to encourage support for the full DPS budget.  Bring your co-workers and wear your red.

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Update 5/23/2019:

No dues until September is still rolling! Membership form here.

Update 5/6/2019:

Join us on Tuesday for May’s Mass Meeting! RSVP here

We’ll be focused on celebrating the successes and learning from the challenges of our May 1 organizing work, mapping out our end-of-the-year organizing (classified staff, membership drive, county commission budget), sharing our summer training schedule, and preparing for our upcoming leadership transition.

Join us every day by completing a membership form. No dues from now until September! 

Update 4/23/2019:

Count down to May 1st! We are a little over a week from our statewide action!

Every day this week, we are highlighting one of our demands. Each day, educators and public school supporters are sharing their stories about why the particular demand is important during a Facebook Live event and through social media graphics. Join us nightly at 7pm here.

  • Monday- More student support staff
  • Tuesday- Reinstate Master’s Degree pay
  • Wednesday- $15 and 5% for every staff person
  • Thursday- Expand Medicaid
  • Friday- Reinstate retiree health care benefits

We are also writing asking lawmakers to take a stand about the issue through a letter-writing campaign through Action Network. Make sure you get to share your voice here. 

Update 4/15/2019:

Durham Public Schools district administration canceled classes for students on May 1- read the Durham Public School Board resolution here.

There will be two community meetings to get people connected to Team Food on Wednesday, April 17th- 10 am at Watts St Baptist Church and 6 pm at E.K Powe.

Update 4/8/2019:

DAE Statement Opposing HB 370

The Durham Association of Educators issue this statement in opposition to HB 370 (Require Sheriff collaboration with ICE) and urge all our elected officials including Governor Cooper to stand against hate and with our immigrant students and community to stop this bill.

As educators, we know how detrimental it is to our students, their families, and our community when Immigration and Customs Enforcement is present in our community[…]

Update 4/8/2019:

Durham Public Schools will be closed for students on May 1! There will be no make-up day. Join us at the April Mass Meeting to get connected to the work. Ready to sign up for a team? Sign up here!


Update 4/3/2019:

Join us at the April Mass Meeting

Check out our latest blog post to find links and details about the All Out May 1 action!

Update 3/29/2019:

Last weekend, the NCAE Representative Assembly ratified New Business Item 17- a call for a day of action on May 1st with the following demands to the North Carolina General Assembly:

  1. Fund Student Services to Meet National Standards, including Professional School Counselors, School Social Workers, School Psychologists, Nurses, and Library Media Coordinators.
  2. $15 Minimum Wage + 5% raise for all school workers + 5% COLA for retirees 
  3. Expand Medicaid to improve the health of our students and families
  4. Reinstate state retiree health benefits
  5. Restore advanced degree pay 

Put in your personal day now for May 1st! 


Update 3/15/2019:

The Building Blitz Campaign for the In This Together In Action survey has begun! Haven’t filled out the survey? Check in with a building leader or your district organizer to get connected!

Update 3/5/2019:

Our March Meeting will have important information about the next steps for a Spring Action! Bring your co-worker, bring your team, bring your whole building! RSVP-

Update 2/12/2019:

ICE is snatching our kids and families. We do not have the option to stay silent. Not in our classrooms, not by the ‘water-cooler,’ and not in our communities. Reach out when you need support.

This is the document referenced in our last member meeting with information about supporting families. This will also live in the Immigrant Justice tab under About–Buckets of Work.

Update 2/10/2019:


Update 2/9/2019:

For those of you who don’t know or haven’t read the Superintendent’s recent message, officers from Immigration Customs and Enforcement have been raiding workplaces and neighborhoods across the state, and across Durham, in the last two days.  We know that several of our students’ families have been directly impacted, and we are already hearing of the fear that is keeping students from going to school and families from taking care of their basic needs.  Please be aware that your students, and co-workers, may be suffering as a result of these actions, and approach one another with kindness, patience, and an “in this together” mentality.

For additional resources for educators hoping to learn more or better equip their students and co-workers in the midst of these actions, please click here. 

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