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Below are the archived updates from the home page:

Update 3/15/2019:

The Building Blitz Campaign for the In This Together In Action survey has begun! Haven’t filled out the survey? Check in with a building leader or your district organizer to get connected!

Update 3/5/2019:

Our March Meeting will have important information about the next steps for a Spring Action! Bring your co-worker, bring your team, bring your whole building! RSVP-

Update 2/12/2019:

ICE is snatching our kids and families. We do not have the option to stay silent. Not in our classrooms, not by the ‘water-cooler,’ and not in our communities. Reach out when you need support.

This is the document referenced in our last member meeting with information about supporting families. This will also live in the Immigrant Justice tab under About–Buckets of Work.

Update 2/10/2019:


Update 2/9/2019:

For those of you who don’t know or haven’t read the Superintendent’s recent message, officers from Immigration Customs and Enforcement have been raiding workplaces and neighborhoods across the state, and across Durham, in the last two days.  We know that several of our students’ families have been directly impacted, and we are already hearing of the fear that is keeping students from going to school and families from taking care of their basic needs.  Please be aware that your students, and co-workers, may be suffering as a result of these actions, and approach one another with kindness, patience, and an “in this together” mentality.

For additional resources for educators hoping to learn more or better equip their students and co-workers in the midst of these actions, please click here. 

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