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Update 9/6/2021:

Happy Labor Day, loves.

If your back to school has been hectic and fraught with questions and new changes, say “heck yeah!” Totes – same. The good news is we still have each other.

Join us THIS FRIDAY, September 10th at Motorco for our Back-to-School Victory Friday from 3:30 to 6:00! This event has everything. Free food bracelets for the first 50 people, masks, social distancing, and fun. I’ve missed all of you so much and I can’t wait to see you. From an appropriate distance.

Our first Mass Meeting of the year is September 14th from 5 – 7 pm! This first meeting will be a listening session to hear what is working, what isn’t working, and how our union can problem-solve the issues in our buildings. RSVP at 

92021 Mass Meeting Invite

If you back to school has had at least one headache related to the underfunding and statewide bus driver shortage, say “heck yeah!” Girl. Bus drivers have been dealing with a lot over the past few weeks. The statewide driver shortage fueled by low pay and poor working conditions is taking its toll on school transportation, as we’ve all seen at our buildings.  There’s hope that drivers will receive a much needed pay increase. We want to send a message that Bus drivers deserve it – and that fair pay and working conditions for all staff members will benefit our students. Show some love to your building’s bus drivers + transportation workers this week!

bus driver red for ed

Update 4/11/2021:

The 2021 DAE, Region, and NCAE Election Results are in!
DAE has elected to the following positions
DAE President: Michelle Burton
DAE Treasure: John Davis
DAE Middle School Director: Malcolm Goff
DAE Elementary School Director: Calethea Vinson
DAE Student Services Director: Symone Kiddoo
DAE At-Large: Ryanne Logan
Our Community Ally page is now live! Being a Community Ally is a great way for public school parents and advocates to support our work and mission. Anyone who is not a public school employee can join as a DAE Community Ally. School workers eligible for full membership in DAE, NCAE, and NEA are not eligible to sign up as community allies. To find out more, head over to the membership section of our page!

Update 3/3/2021:

Check out the most recent statement about school re-open decision on our post here and head over to the facebook group for discussion

Update 2/17/2021:

Every time I’ve opened this page to update, something new happens! Such is the nature of organizing in public education in North Carolina amirite?

A big thanks to everyone who signed and shared the petition about vaccines in your buildings and with folks in your personal networks. It got Governor Cooper’s attention and it worked.

Even though we had good news this past week, it continued to be quite a whirlwind due to Senate Bill 37 moving quickly through the NCGA. Many of you are aware that IF this bill passes, it will preempt the DPS school board decision that was made on January 7th to keep school buildings closed for the rest of the school year. DPS would have to open up school buildings within 15 days of the bill being signed into law.

We know that a lot of folks in DPS have lots of questions and concerns with regards to SB 37. Because things are changing so fast, we are not in a position to answer questions immediately. Sometimes, what we thought was the correct information has changed totally. We want you all to know that DAE and NCAE are in close conversation about what is happening in Raleigh. We are also communicating regularly with Dr. Mubenga and DPS school board members about reopening of school buildings. As soon as we hear more information about SB37 we will send out an email or post on our DAE Facebook page. If you do not follow us on Facebook, please do! That is where you can find the most up to date info! 

Last member meeting, we were unable to get to all the questions and comments members had, but we promised we would spend time with your questions and concerns from the chat. We have compiled this document as a summary and initial response.

In the document you’ll find:

  • A summary of the chat questions and comments
  • Initial general responses from the board
  • A google form where you can send further questions and comments
  • A sketch of “layers of defense” Malcolm Goff created to illustrate potential areas of action based off of what he heard at the meeting and in conversations that followed
  • Examples of actions members and leadership have taken since the meeting

It is by no means an exhaustive or comprehensive document to answer all questions or concerns or document all that you and your colleagues are doing in this moment to fight this, but we hope that this helps toward promoting dialog, holding hope, and taking effective action for our safety.

This is also a reminder that the DPS School Board will have an emergency board meeting this Thursday, Feb. 18 starting at 5:00pm. The board will be discussing SB 37 and reopening of school buildings. Click here to watch the school board meeting on youtube.

Anti-Racist PD Guest Speaker Stacy Davis Gates, Weds., Feb. 24th 6:00p-7:30p
Stacy Davis Gates, vice-president of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) will be the special guest speaker to talk about her role as vice-president of CTU and their fight for public schools and students in Chicago. For more information contact Turquoise Lejeune Parker at

Update 2/8/2021:

This past week was a whirlwind. The NCGA is pushing a bill that mandates ALL schools reopen on Plan A/Plan B. The bill is still currently in the senate but is expected to move to the house Monday or Tuesday.

We know that the safety of our students and staff is of the utmost importance. That is why DAE/NCAE is pushing for ALL school based employees to get vaccinated before schools reopen. If you haven’t already, please sign this petition and share widely with folks in your buildings and your networks. We are asking Governor Cooper to prioritize educators with getting a vaccine so we can return safely to our school buildings.

This Tuesday, February 9th, is our regularly scheduled monthly mass meeting and we will be discussing the Reopening Bill and what we can do as a local to organize around it. It is from 5:00pm-6:30pm so please come out and hear the latest details and know what you can do to take action. Make sure you click this link to register.


We have an opening for secretary due to the resignation of Nicholas Graber-Grace on the DAE board of directors. If you are interested in the position please send an email to or Lesley Jane Mace, DAE’s Election’s Committee Chair, at This is to complete the rest of the term that ends June 30th, 2022. A vote will be taken at the next mass membership meeting on February, 9th, 2021.

Update 2/3/2021:

We are really confused and disappointed by Governor Cooper’s statement yesterday about schools re-opening. The fact is that 25 states are vaccinating educators RIGHT NOW and North Carolina is not vaccinating educators at this point and we’ve heard nothing about moving educators up in the timeline. The Governor has the power to prioritize Public School employees for vaccines, but he is not.

NCAE’s Official Statement can be found here — “If Governor Cooper feels so strongly about resuming in-person instruction quickly, then he should support educators and immediately bring the full weight of his office to bear to get all educators vaccinated by the end of this month, just as 25 other states have been able to do.”

You can tell Governor Cooper that educators deserve protections and join NCAE’s Town Hall TONIGHT (2/3) at 7 pm.


February is Black History Month and Black Lives Week of Action has been designated the first week of February. If you need lesson ideas, check out this super cool calendar created by members in our sister local, Wake NCAE: You can also contact Turquoise Lejeune Parker at for more information.

NCAE Educators of Color Application for Cohort 3 Due February 15th, 2021
If you are interested in being a part of our NCAE Educators of Color (EOC) Academy, click the application link here: Along with this application you will need to provide contact information for two references with one being your current supervisor. You could opt to have them write a reference letter and submit to The deadline is February 15, 2021. Must be a current member of NCAE or show proof of joining by deadline (2/15/21). Must identify as a minority race/ethnicity.

The first week of February is also National School Counselor Week! Thank you to our amazing School Counselors who work so hard to provide care and support to our students! You can show your gratitude to your School Counselor by joining the organization that is organizing for fully funded schools that prioritize Student Services members (hint, it’s this organization…).


Update 1.4.2021

Happy New Year lovelies!

Here is what is in this update:

  • Internal Elections
  • School Board Meeting
  • Mass Meeting + DAE Board Meeting

Internal Elections

Nominations are open for our local board, NCAE Convention, NEA Convention (local and state delegates), Division Boards, and NCAE Executive Board!

Local Board

  • DAE Executive Board – Open until January 26th – Nominations can be made using this form
    • President
    • Treasurer
    • Middle School Director
    • EC Director
    • Elementary School Director (1 of 2) 
    • Student Services Director
    • Member at-large (1 of 2)


  • NEA Convention // Durham Delegate – Open until January 26th  – Nominations can be made for Durham delegates to the virtual NEA convention using this form
  • NEA Convention // STATE-ALLOTED DELEGATE – Open until January 7th – Nominations can be made for State-Allotted Delegates to the virtual NEA convention using this form
  • NCAE Convention -Open until JANUARY 5th!!! – Nominations can be made using this form

 State Board + Division Board

  • State Executive Board – Open until January 7th – Nominations can be made using this form
    • Region 5 Director (Durham’s Region! Cannot be from Wake Co.) 
    • The following regions also have director positions up for election: Region 1A, Two Directors in Region 2, Region 3, Region 6, and Region 7A
  • Principal./Admin State, Regional, & NEA Cluster Delegate – Open until January 7th – Nominations can be made using this form
    • TWO Region 5 Directors (Durham’s Region!) 
    • The following regions also have director positions up for election in this division: Region 1A, Region 1B, Region 2 (two directors), Region 3 (two directors), Region 4 (two directors), Region 6 (two directors), Region 7A, and Region 7B. There is also an Assistant Principal Director, and a Central Office Director. 
    • Nominations can also be made for NEA State-Allotted Delegate 
  • Educational Support Professional (ESP) – Open until January 7th – Nominations can be made using this form 
    • One Region 5 Director (Durham’s Region! Cannot be from Vance Co) 
    • The following regions also have director positions up for election in this division: Region 1A, Region 1B, Region 2 (two directors), Region 3 (one director), Region 4 (one director), Region 7A, and Region 7B. 
  • Student Services Division – Open until January 7th – Nominations can be made using this form 
    • Region 5 Seats are currently filled 
    • The following seats are also up for election in this division: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Region 1A Director, Region 1B Director, Region 2 Director, Region 3, Region 4 (two directors), Region 6 Director, Region 7A, and Region 7B. 

School Board Meeting 

Durham Public Schools Board of Education will meet on January 7th at 5:00 pm – you can livestream the meeting here! They will be discussing our metrics and reopen!

Mass Meeting + Board Meeting 

Learn local favorites!

We have a mass meeting on Tuesday, January 12th from 5 – 7pm – register at

We have a DAE Executive Board meeting on Tuesday, January 5th from 5 – 7pm. Email Michelle Burton for the link 🙂

Update 11/4/2020:

good morning to all of you who voted yesterday or before. good morning to all of the people who phonebanked, hustled, door knocked, lit dropped, stood at the polls, and drove people to the polls.

We are all on tenterhooks as we await all the election results but we can celebrate Governor Roy Cooper! Two things today:

  1. Breathe
  2. Come to the bull (CCB Plaza) this afternoon – Celebrate Democracy and Protect our Votes: DAE is co-sponsoring this event on Wednesday from 3-5pm. In the event that election results are unfairly challenged, or *someone* attempts to declare victory early, we need to show up big to protect our votes and show mass support for a fair election process.

Update 10/29/2020:

if you haven’t gotten swept away in the wind, read this update!

CLICK HERE to register for DAE Listens – A Conversation about School Re-opening in Durham, at 4:00 pm on Monday, November 2nd. 

Durham Association of Educators (18)

We apologize for the short notice. Dr. Mubenga has shared with us that he intends to present a partial-reopening plan to the Board of Education on November 19th. DAE has been meeting with Dr. Mubenga and DPS leadership throughout this process. DAE has not endorsed the plan that Dr. Mubenga is proposing, but we have listened to it and asked many questions. Dr. Mubenga is asking us to help elevate the voices of educators so that we can make adjustments to his proposal that our staff feels strongly about. To do that well, we need to hear from each and every DPS employee so that we can share what we know about the contours of the proposed plan with you, and listen to your concerns.

  • WHAT: DAE Listening Session regarding school reopening in Durham:
  • WHEN:4:00 pm, Monday, November 2nd
  • WHY: Mubenga has asked DAE for feedback on the plan before he presents it. We need to hear from you — the educators and support staff that care for our students each day, in order to be clear with Dr. Mubenga and the Board of Education about what our staff needs to see in any such plans in order to feel safe and supported.
  • WHERE: Via zoom – To register, go to— please share this link with all DPS staff members, and encourage them to join.

It is important to note that Dr. Mubenga has been clear that this planning process is about developing a plan that could be used to re-open on the assumption that safety metrics related to COVID community spread show we can do so as safely as possible. We will be talking about a plan, but we also know that if there is a spike in COVID over the winter, those plans will have to be put on hold in the interest of public safety.

Please share widely with Durham Public Schools Staff – you do not need to be a DAE member to attend! 

Also don’t forget that open enrollment closes tomorrow!!!!

Update 10/23/2020:

happy friday to everyone who has already voted or has a plan to vote

happy friday to everyone who has already volunteered to phonebank or has signed up to phonebank in the next couple of weeks

to everyone else, there’s still time. not a lot…so…get on that.

Update 8/3/2020:

good morning to everyone who has already signed the petition ❤

If you haven’t had a chance to sign the petition, you can still join the thousands (y’all…literally thousands) of public school workers, students, parents, and supporters who have signed on to the three tenets of a safe re-entry:

  • Maintain at least 2019-20 levels of funding and staffing for the 2020-21 school year
  • Fully fund the requirements for reopening of schools determined by the State Department of Health and Human Services as specified in the Strong Schools Public Health Toolkit.
  • Direct appropriate decision-making bodies to meet with public school employees, convened by the North Carolina Association of Educators, for the purpose of co-creating conditions of re-entry that respect the concerns of our students, families, and staff (i.e. safety, healthcare, teaching and learning, racial and economic justice, etc.)

We know that the work doesn’t stop with our petition though. It requires escalating action. And we’re willing to take it. escalation.png

But just like everything else we do as a union, we aren’t doing it alone! Join us for our Mass Meeting on August 5th at 5 PM to help us plan for continuing the petition and escalating actions! Already planning on coming? Bring 3 people. Already have 3 people? Bring your whole building.

Durham association of educators (14)

While you’re at the stoplight during the car caravan, you can read the first book in the Anti-Racist PD Series hosted by Turquoise LeJeune Parker (just kidding, please don’t read while you’re driving… that is super dangerous – but you can listen to the audiobook though)Sign up HERE!


Update 7/13/2020:

hello summertime loves

A couple of things coming at you:

Durham Association of Educators Statement on School Re-Open

The Durham Association of Educators is issuing the attached statement expressing our concerns that, so far, the State and Federal government have not provided public schools with the human or capital resources that we would need to ensure a safe and equitable return to in-person instruction in August.

NCAE Petition on the Terms of Re-Entry

Everyone is saying that these are unprecedented times. But the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and economic shutdown has exposed what we already knew: privatizers and their supporters in our legislature have been starving our schools to death. We’ve already been fighting for years to stop legislators from prioritizing corporate tax breaks over funding our futures. Now vultures are circling as politicians push us to choose between our children’s and our communities’ safety or our ability to make a living.

We say: There is another way. Public school workers have already facilitated a monumental transformation to ensure children continue to learn, schools and families stay connected, and the millions of urgent needs that we meet in our schools every day continue to be met in the middle of a global pandemic. The world has learned what we already knew: every public school worker is essential. Caregivers can’t go to work, businesses can’t run, our economy can’t function if our schools aren’t in operation.

By acting together, we have the power to determine the conditions in which we will return to in-person instruction. As front line workers who know how best to meet our children’s educational needs, we have the responsibility to ensure we do so safely.

Our Schools. Our Safety. Our Say

DAE Town Hall with Guest – Dr. Mubenga

Dr. Mubenga agreed to do a town hall with us to discuss Plan B for the reopening of schools and why it was chosen and voted on by the DPS school board.  DAE leadership felt that it was extremely important for teachers and staff to be heard and listened to by district-level leadership.  Please click this link to register. If there is a question you want to ask, please make sure you submit it when you register.

DAE Juntos en la lucha: Foro Comunitario Digital

DAE is holding a digital Town Hall in Spanish to discuss COVID-19 and the upcoming school year. We invite all Spanish-speaking DPS staff, parents, students and families to attend. Please help spread the word about the event by passing this invite on to Spanish speaking co-workers and families you know. Event info, registration form link, and Facebook event are below.

Hola a todos
La asociación de educadores de Durham presenta: un foro comunitario digital (las escuelas públicas y COVID-19) totalmente en español. Vamos a hablar sobre COVID-19 y el plan para el año escolar que viene. Sus voces son importantes y queremos saber sus preocupaciones, pensamientos y ideas. Por favor comparten el enlace para registrarse con su comunidad. Esperamos que muchos estudiantes, padres, trabajadores y miembros de la comunidad participen. Si necesitan ayuda con la registración puede mandar un texto a Ellen al 919-886-4214 o Mercedes al 919-351-5102.

Miércoles, 15 de Julio, 7:00pm

Update 6/1/2020:


Find some Anti-Racist Resources here and check back often for more!

If you didn’t join us for the Town Hall last week, you can still watch the event here!

survey graphicWe want to gather data on our collective priorities as we develop plans to get through this pandemic TOGETHER. So, we need all Durham students, educators, families, and community members to take a few minutes and fill out this survey.



Update 4/20/2020:

A whole lotta things!

Internal Elections

The candidates for NCAE Leadership endorsed by Durham Association of Educators WON! Congratulations to Tamika Walker Kelly and Bryan Proffitt. More congratulations to Turquoise LeJeune Parker who was elected to serve as our National Education Association Director!

Shout out to all of our Durham Association of Educator members who were elected as delegates to the National Association of Education Representative Assembly:

  • Bryan Proffitt
  • Turquoise LeJeune Parker
  • Michelle Burton
  • Symone Kiddoo
  • Kristy Moore

For your Executive Board – you all have elected the following members to serve YOU!

  • Vice President – Turquoise LeJeune Parker
  • Secretary – Nicholas Graber-Grace
  • High School Director – Lisa McCool-Grime
  • Elementary Director (1 of 2) – Lisa Gerardi
  • ESP Director – Deborrah Bailey
  • Member At Large – Carlos Perez

The best announcement of all… WE HAD 59% OF OUR ELIGIBLE MEMBERS CAST A VOTE! Y’all. This is amazing!!! All due to your hard work of engaging your co-workers in this important democratic process for our union!

Mass Meeting

We will hold our Monthly Mass Meeting virtually on Tuesday, April 21st from 5 – 7pm. Michelle will send out an email with the zoom link and Lisa McCool-Grime has already sent the zoom link to building liaisons. If you have not received the link, please check in with your District Organizer. We will not post the zoom link on social media or on the website for safety reasons 🙂 you know, those pesky zoombombers.

Mass Meeting (2).png

Update 3/19/2020:

Trying to stay up to date with the Covid Craziness? Visit our Covid-19 page for updates and resources. Have information to share? Email Symone Kiddoo at

Update 3/17/2020:

hi my fellow quarantinees.

I hope you are all taking all the precautions necessary to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.  This is a difficult time for everyone from food insecurity, job insecurity, health insecurity, and anxiety about the virus.

The last communication received about days this week from the district (things are constantly in flux):

3/16 – 3/18:

  • All certified staff: may come in to work; take leave; or work from home. If working from home, please alert your supervisor like you normally would for an absence (email, text, etc.) Complete “time recording for remote working” form if not physically at school.
  • All classified staff (except IAs): treat this day as you would during your spring break. You may work or take leave. You may work from home if your supervisor approves this, and has a documented need for work. You must send an email request and receive an email confirmation back from your supervisor in order to work from home. This must be done on a daily basis. Complete “time recording for remote working” form if approved for working remotely. Instructional assistants (95%) are paid on a separate pay schedule that accounts for all workdays. They do NOT have to designate leave, because workdays are already accounted for in their pay schedule

3/19 & 3/20: Annual Leave

  • 10-month certified staff: Annual leave day deducted as it normally would during spring break. Certain annual leave days are built into the calendar. No work from home option. Take a break and practice self-care.
  • 10-month classified staff:  Annual leave day deducted as it normally would during spring break. Annual leave days are built into the calendar.
  • 11 or 12-month classified or certified staff: may either report to work; take leave; or work from home if your supervisor approves this, and has a documented need for work. You must send an email request and receive an email confirmation back from your supervisor in order to work from home. This must be done on a daily basis. Complete “time recording for remote working” form if approved for working remotely. 

We know there are a lot of questions about food for students, work requirements, and how to support our communities. Organize 2020 is hosting a daily statewide call for, at least, the remainder of this week at 5pm. If you would like to participate, you can register here. They will share out their Shared Resources folder with links for kids and educators.

Please keep an eye out for an email from Michelle Burton regarding food for kids! We are also working on a page to host links to the resources in Durham soon.

In the meantime, be good to each other and be good to yourself.

Update 3/10/2020:

meeting day!

march Mass Meeteing (1).png

Our monthly mass meeting is TONIGHT from 5 – 6:30. We will be working on our organizing plan to make sure people are ready to vote! If you’re like me and need to have all of your materials ready with extra #2 pencils, you can find a copy of the Internal NCAE Elections Workplan HERE or in Organizing Materials.

Update 3/9/2020:

hi all!

I hope everyone is well-rested after Primary week. Sad to see election work go? Well fret not my dears, internal elections are just around the corner! A room full of you beautiful people sat (or stood) in a room together in February, listened to candidates for NCAE positions, asked thoughtful questions, and decided to endorse Tamika Walker Kelly for NCAE President and Bryan Proffitt for NCAE Vice President. This was meaningful and important labor but just as meaningful is putting work behind those endorsements.

Our Mass Meeting (tomorrow!) will have time dedicated to setting your organizing plan to make sure people are able to vote and ready to vote for our endorsed candidates!

march Mass Meeteing (1).png

We are also holding a Classified Staff Mass Meeting (classified staff are still welcome to the mass meeting on the 10th as well, this is just a special one, just for y’all) on March 28th from 10:00 – 12:00. In order to better serve our classified staff, we are having a classified DAE meeting every other month to keep our classified members informed and to hear their issues and concerns that greatly impact them. Location coming soon!

Durham Association of Educators Classified Staff Meeting.png

Lastly, the Race, Power, & Our School Board Endorsements Workshop has been rescheduled for March 17th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Location TBD. If you have questions about the workshop, you are welcome to reach out to Michelle Burton directly at or  919-283-9071

RSVP for the workshop at:

Update 3/3/2020:

Image result for voting memes


Update 2/13/2020:

hi friends!

We had an amazing member meeting on Tuesday!

image0 (1).jpeg

If you missed it, fret not! Here is the link to the one-pager on our Internal Election Endorsement – NCAE President and NCAE Vice President! And here it is in Spanish 🙂 Hype about the leadership of our statewide union? Find out more here! 

Here is the information on how to get connected to our External Election Endorsed Candidates for County Commission and School Board. Trying to remember who they are? Find it here in English and here in Spanish!

Update 2/4/2020:

Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action is here, y’all!

What else is here is the local endorsement for NCAE leadership!


DAE has voted overwhelmingly to endorse Tamika Walker Kelly for President and Bryan Proffitt for Vice President of NCAE. We are committed to ensuring that our rank and file educators have a powerful voice in our union. This past Saturday, a room packed with 59 DAE members — from classroom, EC & ESL teachers, to local ESP leaders, Student Services leaders, and a member of the Retired Division — voted resoundingly to support Tamika & Bryan. Tamika earned 84% support, while Bryan earned 86% of the vote. We are confident that Tamika and Bryan have the vision and skill set necessary to lead our organization, grow our membership and our power, and transform NCAE into a fighting union.

We invite all NCAE members to read and share our endorsement statement, which includes links to each candidate’s original questionnaire.

Update 1/27/2020:

Congrats to all who were elected as NCAE Convention Delegates! A HUGE shout out to the Elections Committee under the leadership of Lesley Mace. Nominations for National Convention and nominations for DAE Board close on January 28th (tomorrow).

Questions? Hit up Lesley –

Need more democracy and voting? Okay…hold your horses, here’s some more!


Friends. You need to come to the endorsement meeting on February 1st at Lakewood Elementary from 9:30 – 11:30. There are two people running for NCAE President and three people running for NCAE Vice President. Want to know what they think? Read their questionnaires

February 1st  | 9:30 – 11:30 am  | Lakewood Elementary

Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action – February 3 – 7

In June 2019, DAE leadership worked with DPS school board to pass a Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action 2020 resolution. Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action 2020 is nationally recognized February 3rd-February 7th but we want to celebrate this all month and definitely all year. Our Vice President, Turquoise LeJeune Parker, is very excited to collaborate with or support any school who is seeking support on implementation. She can be reached at 704-224-6048 or her email is

Update 1/14/2020:

Happy New Year, loves! This is a long one but worth the read!

DAE Statement on McDougald Terrace

DAE is collecting supplies to support the residents at McDougald Terrace while they are staying at hotels across Durham. Please bring the following items to the DAE Member Meeting Tues., Jan. 14 and or the Grade-In at Southpoint Mall Weds. Jan. 15.
  • Laundry Kits
    • Laundry Detergent
    • Rolls of Quarters
    • Laundry bags or collapsible laundry basket
  • School Supplies
    • Packs of pencils
    • Packs of pens
    • Composition Notebooks
    • Spiral Notebooks
  • Bus Passes Can be purchased from the Durham Station
    • Donating funds for bus passes – cash will be accepted at the mass meeting or at the grade-in [cash will be logged so please hand it directly to Symone] OR venmo @MeganMcCurley83 with the note “Bus Passes McDougald”
*Please bring the supplies or kit in a bag*

Endorsements for County Commissioners and School Board

DAE is excited to announce our 2020 endorsements for School Board and County Commission!!
Stay tuned to learn more about how you can support each of these candidates as we work towards big wins for public education and progressive policy in 2020.

Nominations for DAE Officers and NEA National Convention
Nominations to serve on our Board and represent DAE at the National Convention in Atlanta are open Tuesday, December 10th, and they close Tuesday, January 28th. All members in good standing are invited to nominate themselves or others. Competition is healthy and good for our organization as we grow. If you want to run or believe someone would be good in one of the following roles, we encourage you to step up!
This election cycle, the following positions are up for election:
  • Election of the Vice President
  • Secretary
  • High School Director
  • Elementary School Director (1 of 2)
  • ESP Director
  • At-large director (1 of 2)
Please nominate members in good standing here by 1/28/2020. The election for DAE Board and the NEA National Conference is managed through NCAE, and  will take place April 4, 2020, beginning at 7 p.m., and will end on April 14, 2020, at 11:59 p.m.
Please send any questions to

Mass meetingDurham Association of Educators (10)meme

Update 12/10/2019:

Nominations for DAE Executive Board, NCAE Conference, and NEA National Conference open TODAY! NCAE Conference nominations are handled locally by our Elections Committee. NEA National Conference nominations and DAE Executive Board nominations are handled at the state level and they will send out an email. If you are a member and have NOT been getting any emails from Michelle or NCAE, please contact Leslie Mace ASAP!

Nominations for DAE Executive Board and NEA National Conference close on January 28th and nominations for NCAE Conference close January 7th.

Update 12/3/2019:

Emergency Mass Meeting on Thursday, December 5th from 5-6:30pm at the Temple Building 302 W Main Street.

Copy of Durham Association of Educators

**Also note that there is a change in the date of the interviews for the 2020 Durham County Commissioners & School Board Endorsement from January 11th to January 12th**

Update 11/14/2019:

Packed update folks! There is information about elections, both internal and external, and info about the petition/budget action! The petition/budget action information is also held on the Organizing Materials tab! The elections information is also held on the Elections Committee tab!

DAE Internal Elections

Seats up for election:

  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • High School Director
  • Elementary Director #2
  • ESP Representative
  • Member at-large #2

Nominations open December 10th and close January 28th!

NCAE Election Process & Endorsements

Our candidate questionnaire has been finalized! Questionnaires are due Friday, January 31st and endorsement interviews will be Saturday, February 8th at 10 am. Location TBA.

2020 Durham County Commission & School Board Endorsement Process

Filing for these seats runs from December 2 – 20th. If you are interested in helping develop the question, please contact Lindsay Johnson or Nicholas Graber-Grace. Questionnaires will be finalized in the 12/10 meeting. Interviews will be Saturday, January 11th.

Budget Action!

The NCGA passed a bill (later vetoed by the governor) that would give $1 billion in tax cuts to corporations. Here is what we should do with the money instead:

  • Expand Medicaid
  • 5% raise to ALL public school employees & retirees

Here is what you can do:

Update 10/14/2019:

Have you had a chance to link up with the parking lot posse, led by the amazing James Finnegan? If you’re interested, be sure to email James at!

This week, they’re hitting up two schools to talk about membership, voting, and Durham for All’s Power to the Polls!

What is Power to the Polls, you ask?? It is a beautiful event put on by Durham for All that celebrates our collective power at the ballot box. There will be rousing speakers, delicious biscuits, music you should dance to, and 100’s of the coolest people in Durham all marching down to the early voting site to vote together! Live outside the city limits? That’s okay, come anyway! Don’t know who to vote for? Check out the graphic below! Want to bring your kids? Great! There is childcare for the program portion of the event and kids are welcome to dance alongside you during the march! Want to bring a co-worker? Great! Bring all your co-workers, your mom, your mom’s hairdresser, and the woman who sold you that pair of sparkly purple boots 8 years ago on craigslist! Bring all the people!

the Durham Association of Educators (2)

Update 10/4/2019:

TODAY! TODAY! TODAY IS VICTORY FRIDAY! Come out to Carolina Ale House today from 4 – 6:30 and join us for free food and the best conversation.


TUESDAY! TUESDAY! TUESDAY IS PRIMARY VOTING DAY! If you haven’t voted yet, be sure to hit up your assigned polling place on October 8th! Want to know who DAE endorsed? Durham Association of Educators is also endorsing the $95 million Affordable Housing Bond. Questions about the housing bond?  Note: Steve Schewel and the Affordable Housing Bond will not appear on your ballot in October but they will appear on your ballot in November!

the Durham Association of Educators

THURSDAY! THURSDAY! THURSDAY IS MASS MEETING DAY! Come out to the Staff Development Center on Thursday from 5 – 7 for free organizing skill development and SSTAC conversation.  

don’t give up ❤

Update 8/17/2019:

Our members have been busy this week! Members attended the DAE PAC meeting on Wednesday and voted to endorse Steve Schewel for mayor and Jillian Johnson, Javiera Caballero, and Charlie Reece for City Council. You can read more about the endorsement and process of the PAC here.


the Durham Association of Educators

Members were also repping at New Teacher Orientation at Hillside on Thursday and Friday to bring new teachers (both to the profession and to Durham) into our union family!


Update 8/8/2019:

Summer training sessions were beautiful and moving! Now, as we gear up for the 2019-2020 School Year (and some of us are already back in our buildings!!) we have the chance to make plans together! Join us on August 9th or August 10th for Hit the Ground Running Trainings from 9am – 5pm. Friday we will meet at Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary and Saturday we will meet at E.K Powe Elementary. Food and childcare are provided. RSVP here!


Update 7/16/2019:

Our summer training sessions kicked off last week with the first 2-Day training. Public school workers and supporters gathered at Club Boulevard to learn more about organizing, leadership, and political power. Differentiated sessions are also available for organizers who have been to the summer training before! There is one more 2-Day training on July 27 & 28th at E.K Powe Elementary from 9am to 5pm. Food & Childcare will be provided. Sign up here!


We had schools all over the district represented from Y.E Smith to School for Creative Studies to Forest View Elementary.


There is one more 2-Day training on July 27 & 28th at E.K Powe Elementary from 9am to 5pm. Food & Childcare will be provided. Sign up here!

Update 6/7/2019:

Amazing beautiful things happening with lovers of public schools around Durham:

  • Black Lives Matter at School: A crew of educators led by Turquoise Lejeune Parker supported the passing of the Durham Public Schools Board of Education Resolution for the Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action (again led by DAE and Turquoise Lejeune Parker) for the 2019-2020 school year. Check out the video here.
  • EOY Party: Our final Victory Friday of the year is TODAY! Carolina Ale House (near Target) from 4 – 6!Durham Association of Educators (4)
  • DPS Budget: Durham County Commissioners will discuss an Education heavy budget on Monday, June 10 and then vote on Monday, June 24th. Wear your red and celebrate a strong budget!


  • BT Support Next Year: In the upcoming school year, the Durham Association of Educators is committed to expanding on the professional development and coaching offered to Beginning Teachers in the district by building a network of mutual support across the county. To do that, we need data. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey, whether or not you plan to participate in the network we are building, and whether or not you are still a BT.  

Update 5/28/2019:

We’re so close to the end of the year! There are a couple of things to mark on your calendar as we move into the summer [all of these events can be found on our DAE Google Calendar – Upcoming Events–> Calendar (to add this to your own google calendar, click the “+” at the bottom of the calendar)]:

  • Thursday, June 6th Join DAE at the school board meeting at the Fuller Building at 4:00 to celebrate the passage of a resolution in support of district participating in the Black Lives Matter Week of Action next February

1 (3)

  • Friday, June 7th DAE End of the Year Celebration from 4 to 6:30 (save the date/time and details will be forthcoming)
  • Monday, June 10th Join DAE at the county commissioner meeting (200 E Main St.) at 6:15 to encourage support for the full DPS budget.  Bring your co-workers and wear your red.

1 (2)

Update 5/23/2019:

No dues until September is still rolling! Membership form here.

Update 5/6/2019:

Join us on Tuesday for May’s Mass Meeting! RSVP here

We’ll be focused on celebrating the successes and learning from the challenges of our May 1 organizing work, mapping out our end-of-the-year organizing (classified staff, membership drive, county commission budget), sharing our summer training schedule, and preparing for our upcoming leadership transition.

Join us every day by completing a membership form. No dues from now until September! 

Update 4/23/2019:

Count down to May 1st! We are a little over a week from our statewide action!

Every day this week, we are highlighting one of our demands. Each day, educators and public school supporters are sharing their stories about why the particular demand is important during a Facebook Live event and through social media graphics. Join us nightly at 7pm here.

  • Monday- More student support staff
  • Tuesday- Reinstate Master’s Degree pay
  • Wednesday- $15 and 5% for every staff person
  • Thursday- Expand Medicaid
  • Friday- Reinstate retiree health care benefits

We are also writing asking lawmakers to take a stand about the issue through a letter-writing campaign through Action Network. Make sure you get to share your voice here. 

Update 4/15/2019:

Durham Public Schools district administration canceled classes for students on May 1- read the Durham Public School Board resolution here.

There will be two community meetings to get people connected to Team Food on Wednesday, April 17th- 10 am at Watts St Baptist Church and 6 pm at E.K Powe.

Update 4/8/2019:

DAE Statement Opposing HB 370

The Durham Association of Educators issue this statement in opposition to HB 370 (Require Sheriff collaboration with ICE) and urge all our elected officials including Governor Cooper to stand against hate and with our immigrant students and community to stop this bill.

As educators, we know how detrimental it is to our students, their families, and our community when Immigration and Customs Enforcement is present in our community[…]

Update 4/8/2019:

Durham Public Schools will be closed for students on May 1! There will be no make-up day. Join us at the April Mass Meeting to get connected to the work. Ready to sign up for a team? Sign up here!

Update 4/3/2019:

Join us at the April Mass Meeting

Check out our latest blog post to find links and details about the All Out May 1 action!

Update 3/29/2019:

Last weekend, the NCAE Representative Assembly ratified New Business Item 17- a call for a day of action on May 1st with the following demands to the North Carolina General Assembly:

  1. Fund Student Services to Meet National Standards, including Professional School Counselors, School Social Workers, School Psychologists, Nurses, and Library Media Coordinators.
  2. $15 Minimum Wage + 5% raise for all school workers + 5% COLA for retirees 
  3. Expand Medicaid to improve the health of our students and families
  4. Reinstate state retiree health benefits
  5. Restore advanced degree pay 

Put in your personal day now for May 1st! 


Update 3/15/2019:

The Building Blitz Campaign for the In This Together In Action survey has begun! Haven’t filled out the survey? Check in with a building leader or your district organizer to get connected!

Update 3/5/2019:

Our March Meeting will have important information about the next steps for a Spring Action! Bring your co-worker, bring your team, bring your whole building! RSVP-

Update 2/12/2019:

ICE is snatching our kids and families. We do not have the option to stay silent. Not in our classrooms, not by the ‘water-cooler,’ and not in our communities. Reach out when you need support.

This is the document referenced in our last member meeting with information about supporting families. This will also live in the Immigrant Justice tab under About–Buckets of Work.

Update 2/10/2019:


Update 2/9/2019:

For those of you who don’t know or haven’t read the Superintendent’s recent message, officers from Immigration Customs and Enforcement have been raiding workplaces and neighborhoods across the state, and across Durham, in the last two days.  We know that several of our students’ families have been directly impacted, and we are already hearing of the fear that is keeping students from going to school and families from taking care of their basic needs.  Please be aware that your students, and co-workers, may be suffering as a result of these actions, and approach one another with kindness, patience, and an “in this together” mentality.

For additional resources for educators hoping to learn more or better equip their students and co-workers in the midst of these actions, please click here. 

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